Conference Program

Conference Program
(download PDF, updated 25 November)

Conference venue: SOL (Centre for Language and Litrature) at Lund University.

4 December 2014

9- 11.30 am
Conference opening & keynotes:
Klaus Neumann, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Erica Lehrer , Concordia University, Canada
1-5.30 pm
Parallel workshop sessions

5 December 2014

9- 11.30 am
Gunlög Fur, Linné University, Sweden 
Tyrell Haberkorn , Australian National University
1-5.30 pm
Parallel workshop sessions
7 pm. SOL- foyer

”Weissensee – Images of Repression, Resistance and Human Relations in the GDR”

Roundtable with Annette Hess, scriptwriter of ”Weissensee”, and Sune Bechmann Pedersen, Ph.D. candidate, Department of History at Lunduniversity. The talk will be chaired by Fredrik Persson-Lahusen, Ph.D in History and writer.

6 December

9-11.30 am
Wulf Kansteiner, Aarhus University, Denmark
Samuel Moyn, Columbia University , USA

1-5.30 pm
Parallel workshop sessions
End of conference.Please note that the conference is free of charge. All who are scheduled for panels and single papers are automatically registered.
Would you like to attend the sessions but are not scheduled in any panel, please send an e-mail to

1 thought on “Conference Program

  1. Human rights and memory is a shared concern and a topic both of historical interest as well as of importance for the challenges we are faced with in the future. As a professor of social work I am faced with questions of collective experiences and memories of injustice, violence and exclusion as well as collective ignorance, neglect and aversion. The question of human rights is important to all of us and closely related to the very core-values of law and ethics.


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