Exhibition: Retazos que vuelven a la vida

”Retazos que vuelven a la vida”

‘The garment that came back to life’, a textile art exhibition on display at the conference,
by Malmo based artist Bélgica Castro Fuentes.

Bélgica Castro Fuentes

‘Mujer que borda por la vida’                         by Bélgica Castro Fuentes

A single white daisy petal symbolizes a grandchild found again. The children in the picture are those reunited with their Argentinian grandmothers. The grandmother represents both women in Chile and in Argentina who have lost children and grandchildren. The grandmother, Penelope, is doing a piece of needlework for remembrance, bringing the garment in the basket back to life.

The years:
1937: The Spanish civil war. The portrait on the right is inspired by Picasso’s ‘Guernica’.
1973: The Chilean coup d’état. Portraits below of disappeared family and relatives.
1976: The Argentine coup d’état. ”Las abuelas de la plaza de Mayo” started the search for their grand children.
2014: Massacre in Gaza, represented by the colors on the flag and the peace dove who never arrives.
The scales of justice is an ironic comment.

See more of Bélgica Castro Fuentes work ”Arpilleras por la memoria”



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